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Creativity x Culture - Beyonces Homecoming, Avengers saves the Box Office, GOT Biggest show ever? Stormzy is BACK!

Season 2, Ep. 63

It’s so nuts to think that we are officially one year old👏👏👏👏. So, on this episode we reminisced about far we have come and of course our third co host (aka @beyonce) had to get a feature.


As you probably know by now, our Creativity X Culture episodes are all about discussing the trending topics of the past week or two. On this episode we discussed how @beyonce cashed in on her Coachella performance and @netflixuk documentary, the latest @avengers movie, @stormzy latest single Vossi Bop and how @barackobama and @michelleobama are about to take over Netflix by releasing their documentaries and films on the platform.


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So after 35 years on this earth, I found out I may have a condition called Dyspraxia, a developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD) which is a common disorder that affects your movement and co-ordination. Also symptoms of Dyslexia and ADHD, which I didn't know were symptoms! It actually makes so much sense now that I know what it is & heard others experiences.. struggling to complete sentences, foggy memory... coordination, balance, organisation, focus etc. This all falls under 'neurodivergence' - Neurodivergence includes Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Dyslexia and Dyspraxia.It finally all makes sense... I am so glad to have found this out and did some research.. its actually improved things a little :) Thanks to all my twitter followers for being so helpful with this, helping me identify it and provide resources (below)I've edited this video less so you can hear what my natural cadence is when filming these vlogs & the podcastLet me know your experience & thoughts in the comments below!More information on Dyspraxia, ADHD & Dyslexia: CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE:

The Incredible Story of Jose Lopez - Founder of Lowrider Tattoo - Finding The Abilities Within Disability

This is Jose Lopez, one of the top tattoo artists in the world and founder of Lowrider Tattoo. While being world-famous for his work, he has never told his story in depth publicly, until now!Born in Mexico, Jose moved to California with his family for a better life at age 12, but only a few years later, an accident occurred which put Jose in a wheelchair for life.How he has gone from that life-changing moment to where he is today, makes this one of the most inspirational conversations I have ever had. Jose's perspective on life is something we can all learn from. There were 4 of us in the room when we recorded and it was truly life-changing for all of us.This episode is a bit longer than usual, but I encourage you to listen/watch wherever you are, whether you're cleaning the house or commuting to/from work... whatever you're doing, even if you do it in parts, watch till the end.This is the Incredible story of Jose Lopez… Enjoy!YOU CAN HEAR THE FULL PODCAST ON THE GO HERE:🎧 SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts:🎙 SUBSCRIBE on Spotify:🎬 SUBSCRIBE on YouTube:🤝FOLLOW:💰SUPPORT:🌍WEBSITE: